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Here you can fill out the Online Appointment form below to schedule an appointment for a smog test and to get a $20 discount!

The regular smog test fee is $69.75. But since you're scheduling an appointment online ahead of time, we will automatically deduct $20 off your total fee. If not, just mention this to our technician and they will gladly deduct the $20.
[Discount not apply to 1995 & older, STAR station required vehicles, Econolines, Previas, Chevy Vans, heavy duty trucks, Vanwagons, Astrovans, or other exotic vehicles.Vehicle requires more than one smog requirement may not receive discount.]

You can also print me your own coupon or call for price matching! See you soon!

Please fill this form below to schedule an appointment:

Appointments should be made 30 minutes in advance or please call to check availability.
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Not Chevron 

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